draft 001 | updated 03.14.22


  1. 01

    Accessibility day one, not after, not as a feature, not as an upgrade

  2. 02

    Abuse and harassment prevention and mitigation addressed day one in applications, services, etc. NOT later

  3. 03

    Alternate formats of media getting deeper levels of consideration, and better layers of accessibility (ie sequential art, 3d environments)

  4. 04

    Client side burden reduction, consider moving to server dominant load

  5. 05

    Equitable and responsible stewardship of standards (not dominated by major corps) and an reexamimation and exploration of foundational web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS

  6. 06

    No algorithms without ethics, transparency in behavior, any decision that can destroy a life must have a human to hold accountable

  7. 07

    Viable and stable longterm support models for artists and creators of the web, not speculation based support

  8. 08

    Proactive reformation and lobbying for the web, not just responding to threats. Actively drafting, writing, and lobbying sensible and open policy for the web

  9. 09

    If the web is for humans then it should consider the broad tapestry of humanity and allow for the safe expression of those dimensions that make us who we are. All within a framework that does not empower or enable violence, abuse or harassment

  10. 10

    Advocating for, building tools and services for legal adult content to have an essential place on the web

  11. 11

    Experience Design is about improving processes for users first and foremost, not secondary to corporate or marketing interests (ie dark patterns)

  12. 12

    A tech solution is not inherently better

  13. 13

    Harmony with offline life and activities, not just that of the individual, but of the planet. (ie the web should be seeking to mitigate its role in climate change, not exacerbate it)

  14. 14

    Reformation on patents and copyright/left

  15. 15

    A focused endeavour to build and maintain sustainable longterm business models and businesses that are not built on investment runway, and unicorn acquisitions

  16. 16

    Privacy is a right.

  17. 17

    A reformation on digital marketing strategies that does not depend on unethical, illegal, dark, shady, or anti-privacy oriented methodologies

  18. 18

    An exploration and balance between broadening access to the open exchange of information, art, media, etc., while also respecting and supporting the labour, talents, and efforts of those producing that information, art, media, etc.

  19. 19

    The web should be a place for nobodies. One should not need to be a "thoughtleader", brand, or corporation to have a voice that matters or is heard

note: these are all still very much a work in progress and are definitely in flux.

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